AMD can progress to GA, wet AMD, or both


can progress to either (or both)


Eyes with GA can also develop wet AMD

wet AMD*

Eyes with wet AMD can also develop GA

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  • AMD is an eye disease primarily found in people over the age of 50

  • Although symptoms may be mild, it can lead to reduced vision or blurriness

  • Even small vision changes can mean that AMD may be progressing to GA, wet AMD, or both

  • GA is the advanced form of dry AMD

  • It happens when patches of damaged cells, called lesions, permanently damage parts of the eye responsible for vision

  • GA gets worse over time and is irreversible

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  • Wet AMD happens when new blood vessels grow and leak into the macula

  • It causes bleeding, scarring, and sudden vision changes

  • GA and wet AMD share similar symptoms

Talk to your eye doctor today if you notice any changes in your vision.

*SYFOVRE is not approved to treat wet AMD.

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