How GA lesions can permanently damage your eyes

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Images for illustrative purposes only. GA lesion progression may vary.

GA can progress faster than you think and can damage parts of your eye that help you read, drive at night, and recognize faces.

As GA damages your eyes, it can change your vision over time

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at diagnosis

She made an appointment to see her eye doctor when she started having trouble seeing fine detail. Her eye scan showed multiple lesions and she was diagnosed with GA.

Image of a book with medium blur

2 years after diagnosis, a blurry spot has started to form in the center of her vision.

Image of three women with large blur

5 years after diagnosis, the spot is bigger and it is hard for her to recognize faces.

Images for illustrative purposes only. Visual impairment due to GA may vary.

Talk to your eye doctor today if you notice any changes in your vision.

Slowing GA lesion progression helps slow the damage it causes