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GA, the advanced form of dry age-related macular degeneration, can irreversibly damage your vision.

It can progress faster than you think. When GA threatens your eyes, take a stand.

Slow GA with SYFOVRE. SYFOVRE is an eye injection that was proven to slow damaging lesion growth over 2 years with increasing effect over time.

It’s the only FDA-approved treatment to slow GA in as few as 6 doses per year.

Don’t take SYFOVRE if you have an infection, or active swelling in or around your eye that may include pain and redness.

SYFOVRE can cause serious side effects, such as eye infection and retinal detachments, severe inflammation of vessels in the retina which may result in severe vision loss, wet AMD, eye inflammation, and an increase in eye pressure.

Most common side effects are eye discomfort, wet AMD, small specks floating in vision, and blood in the white of the eye.

Tell your doctor right away if you have any side effects.

Every moment counts—act now to slow GA with SYFOVRE. Ask your retina specialist about SYFOVRE.

Geographic Atrophy is a relentless disease that causes irreversible damage to your eyes.

Join the many others like you who are taking action with SYFOVRE.

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